Massive Shout Out Alert

Massive Shout Out Alert


The absolute epitome of why we are here and do what we do at RT Fitness…

Anne Park is an absolute little beauty!!!

Anne first contacted us in October 2015 and was interested in a trial of our Team Carnage 8 week transformation which we were running to take people up until Christmas. Unfortunately, at this time of the year life took over, with various work commitments, etc and we were unable to schedule a call to get Anne started with us.

At the beginning of December Anne contacted us again and between a trip to Prague, Christmas shopping/socialising and putting on a party for her little girls 7th birthday we managed to have some time on the phone to get started with our January Jeans program.

With the challenge Anne had to send over some pictures in some jeans that were too small with a view to getting back in them by the end of the month… Did she do it??? Yes she did… With bells on!! Anne followed the program religiously, no alcohol, hit all of the sessions and ate sensibly according to the list of foods we provided…

So at this point some people would have stopped, having achieved what they set out to achieve in four weeks… Not Anne… She felt good with her food, good from no alcohol, and awesome from the training… She kept going for a further 4 weeks…

Now if what I’m about to share with you doesn’t inspire and motivate you I don’t know what will! Anne has followed our advice without fail to the absolute T and these results speak for themselves…

In 8 weeks… 24lbs down… 3.6% body fat lost… 4 inches off the waist… 3 inches off the thigh… 0.5 inch off the arm… 0.5 inch from the calf and 5 inches off the hips… that’s 13 inches total!!!

Also, little did we know… Anne went out in the sales and bought herself a dress that was not 1 but 2 sizes too small… She messaged me only last week about it… And guess what… It fits… 2 DRESS SIZES IN 8 WEEKS!!!

This is what we are all about, Anne is eating well, training hard and getting the results, we give you the advice and tools to get to where you want to be but it’s this level of commitment and drive that leads to true success…

I know the boys are mega proud of Anne, it’s absolutely EPIC seeing her commitment and results, and from a female perspective and the dress struggle I can totally relate!! So often do we just opt for the next size up instead of saying hang on a minute this isn’t what I want, I’m going to change something… So to go out and buy a dress 2 sizes too small to help keep you motivated… The hat is well and truly off!!! I am super proud of Anne and how far she’s come and where she is headed, she has such a positive mindset towards achieving her goals and is a true inspiration, if you want it bad enough you do what needs to be done!

S x

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