Ellis Mash

Ellis Mash
Coach - RT Durham
Loves to train
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Hello, my name is Ellis Mash most people call me Mash I am a coach here at RT Fitness.

I have been in and out of gym environments since I was 15 years old, till I was about 17 I mostly just lifted the heaviest weight I could and took selfies, had no real workout plan or any sort of idea about nutrition and how the human body really worked. Now at 20 years old I have learnt from my mistake and listened to what people had to say to guide me.

I spent the last two years trying to work out what I wanted to do with my life, working on fruit and veg part time at Tesco, the only two things I did was work and train. One day I realised that fitness and weight lifting were the only thing id stuck out and always been interested in. So… I set out looking for apprenticeships and college courses to help me become a fitness instructor/Personal trainer, while doing research in my free time building knowledge about how the human body works, training techniques and what you should really eat when trying to reach your goals.

Now Here I am 6 months later learning more and more every day as an apprentice at RT Fitness, I am lucky to have Ross, Sarah and Dan to learn from. In the future I’d like to continue to gain knowledge and make progress myself whilst assisting anybody that wants to get the body they want through proven methods safely.  I want to enjoy their journey with them along the way here at RT Fitness where we strive to help you become the best version of you.