5 Habits To Improve Your Training Lifestyle…

Getting in good shape and staying in good shape relies on building good habits. These habits make it easier for you to achieve your goals as you’re not having to constantly fight against a counter productive lifestyle.

With this in mind here’s my top 5 habits to improve your training lifestyle.

1. Get to bed early

This really fucking annoys me people bitch on about being tired but ask them what time they went to bed and it’s normally something ridiculous. The reason? So they can sit on their arse, eat shit and watch mind numbing reality TV or browse FaceBook for an extra few hours.

The alternative get to bed early get a great night sleep and you’ll have more energy to do productive stuff the next day.

One of these things could be going to the gym nice and early.

Training on a morning is brilliant.

The reasons for this are purely common sense and nothing to do with bro science bullshit on fasted training.

To put it simply if you make training the very first thing you do on a day nothing else can possibly get in the way of it.

You get up go to the gym then start the rest of your day; it’s priority number one.

The second reason is your full of energy.

If you train on a night you’ve probably been to work all day and probably feel drained.

Training on a morning means your as fresh as your going to be all day.

I’m not saying you have to train on a morning.

It’s a preference thing but if you find life getting in the way of your training then it might be worth trying.

2. Prepare the night before

Being prepared is another great way to ensure everything runs smoothly the following day.

Here are a few examples of things I prepare for the following day.

My gym bag; everything I need is sorted into my bag the night before so I literally have to put my clothes on and go.

It also makes it near impossible to forget anything as your not rushing about half tired in the morning.

Another thing I do is decide what I’m going to eat the following day, I put it into my fitness pal and if anything needs cooked or defrosted in advance I’ll do that as well.

This means there’s no chance of me coming home deciding I can’t be bothered to cook and ordering a take away or eating other convenience food.

3. Drink enough water

The fact I’m still having to beat this drum is quite frankly ridiculous.

Everyone knows the numerous benefits on health, weight loss and performance of drinking enough water yet they still choose to ignore it.

This is simple get in the habit of drinking a lot of water and you’ll feel better for it.

4. Switch off from the world

This kind of continues where I left off on point one about wasting time on FaceBook.

Once you leave work work your emails off.

Stop browsing the internet once you’re in bed. (An hour before you go to sleep).

Don’t check Facebook, text messages, missed calls or emails until you’ve finished your morning gym session.

Quote simply fuck everything else in your life off at anytime you don’t want it to affect you.

These unnecessary distractions do nothing but detract your attention from what should be your main focus.

Be ruthless with your time.

If your not at work switch it off, if you’re busy make yourself uncontactable until your ready to be contacted.

You and you alone are in charge of your life.

5. Dedicate and prioritise your time

Make a habit of saying no.

Simple as that.

Decide when and where you’re going to train and make a commitment to not let anything else get in the way of that.

Barring emergencies which aren’t going to happen regularly enough to kill your progress nothing should be stopping you training in the time slot you’ve dedicated to training.

Again this is easier if you train first thing but it has to be priority number one.


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