About Us

An inclusive and private facility. A community of like-minded people providing support, encouragement and having fun. All whilst getting awesome results. We are the gym for people who don't like gyms...


Here at RT Fitness, we guarantee to provide our members with the highest quality service from our Body Transformation Coaches. Whether we have actual experience through our own transformations or changing the physiques of our clients, the fact is, we have that knowledge to help you too. Our programs have been designed to achieve results, every, single, time... all you need to do is trust in the process, follow our guidance, and work hard. EVERYTHING we offer here at RT Fitness is backed by our Money Back Guarantee.

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Your Results

Let us be completely honest here.  Your Results are OUR results too, so we do everything we can to ensure you achieve your goals.  Our programs have been designed to get results without the use of overly restrictive, crash diets, faddy training systems, meal plans, pills, shakes or “skinny coffees”.

Our methods work with real everyday people who have families, busy careers, and overwhelming schedules. No matter what your lifestyle looks like currently, you have challenges. We understand that.

Our focus is to keep it simple, keep it structured, to help you achieve your goals, now and forever.

Our ultimate mission is to be the last solution you ever try to get in shape.


We aren’t here to beat you through exercise, we are here to help you break down the barriers on your way to achieving whatever it is you want to achieve.  Our focus is on helping you move better, move more freely and get stronger. We aren’t here to use buzz-words to attract your attention, we don’t do booty workouts, legs, bums and tums or abs abs abs! Every session has a purpose and is programmed to make the most amount of impact in the least amount of time.

Our approach has sustainability and longevity in mind.  It’s not about spending 3 hours a day in the gym every day, it’s not all about lifting the heaviest you can possibly lift every single time.  It’s about being able to come in and make progress whether you’re 21 or 60 and maintaining your health and fitness long enough to see your grandchildren married off and enjoy your retirement without restrictions due to ill health or immobility.


Nutrition can be a minefield.  We aren’t here to tell you what to eat and when to eat it.  We aren’t here to tell you you can’t eat a certain food group, ban chocolate, alcohol or declare what’s bad or good.  There’s no such thing.

We want you to forget every bit of BS you’ve ever been told about nutrition that isn’t ALL about your calories, your proteins, fats, carbs and fibre.  We will give you as basic information as you need to get results or you can access our numerous seminars specific to various elements of nutrition.  It’s our aim to teach you so that regardless of what your goals are, you will have the knowledge to achieve them without confusion.

People ask us why we don’t do meal plans, the reason is this… They’re restrictive, they’re difficult to follow and they leave you powerless once you’ve completed your program.  They aren’t sustainable long term and generally once you stop these “meal plans” you pile the weight back on and then some.

We believe it’s time for you to regain control, we want to explain the how’s and why’s so YOU have the knowledge to sustain a decent level of nutrition for the rest of your life whilst maintaining the freedom to enjoy it without detrimental health or weight implications.

The RT Fitness App

One of the fundamental elements of any fitness journey is consistency.  To help with this, not only do we monitor your attendance (you aren’t just a number here, we notice when you don’t turn up), we also help you track your nutrition and then hold you accountable to it.

Our app allows us to check in with you weekly, stores data regarding your weight, step count, nutrition and other factors that can impact on your goals.  This information over time enables us to monitor trends so we can tweak as we go and so we can support you fully with recommendations on how to get to that next level.

Not only that, our app is home to a catalogue of seminars we’ve held on a number of topics, home workouts in case life gets in the way and you need something quick and convenient to keep you ticking over and meal ideas that are quick, easy and nutritious.  Some of it may look like shit on a plate but we aren’t here to impress with our culinary skills.