Accept Help…

So, pretty much everyone has a goal regarding their health, fitness and overall well being. These will vary greatly between individuals but as humans it’s in our nature to want to improve ourselves in whichever way takes our fancy.

The problem is people often don’t know how to achieve these goals. It’s extremely rare I come into contact with someone who isn’t aware of their own goal, almost everyone knows exactly what they want.

The problem very few people will accept is that they don’t know how to achieve these goals. I struggle to think of another aspect of life in which people pretty much guess what they should be doing. If you’re sick you go to the doctor you wouldn’t just guess what’s the matter and proceed to attempt to treat yourself via trial and error. Also if your central heating was playing up you wouldn’t just grab a spanner and start bashing away at it in the hope you get lucky, would you?

I’m pretty sure you all realise just how ridiculous these analogies sound so why when it comes to getting leaner, fitter, bigger or stronger the general population who, I might add have a very poor understanding of training and nutrition (mainly due to the atrocious information provided by mainstream media) opt to wing it.

If you have a goal in mind it’s because you see a problem in yourself. If you see a problem in yourself don’t just guess what you should do to fix it, seek expert help.
Chances are your slogging away doing exercise you hate, (Cardio bunnies I’m looking at you) in an attempt to achieve a physique that your chosen method of punishment will never get you close too.

I’m also going to guess that your eating like a rabbit and living on foods you detest because, that’s how you diet.

Well what if I told you the expert advise you need could get you doing exercise you enjoy, whilst eating foods you enjoy and at the same time bringing you closer than ever to your own personal goals.

Don’t believe me? Drop in for a coffee and find out for yourself.


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