How Bad Do You Want It…

How much do you actually want to achieve your goals?

It’s easy to set goals and tell everyone and yourself what you’re going to do but there’s a huge difference between actually wanting something and telling yourself you want something.

Do you want to achieve your goals more than you want to sleep?

Chances are your going to have to fit these goals in before or after work so you better.

Do you want to achieve your goals more than you want to go out and socialise? You better because your going to have to make sacrifices.

Do you want to work hard more than you want to rest?

If your are going to challenge yourself your going to have to drag yourself off the sofa no matter how tired you are and no matter how busy you’ve been.

This is the secret to achieving your goals in order to overcome all these obstacles you simply have to want it enough to motivate yourself to do it.

Wanting to want it doesn’t cut it!

Eventually you’ll come lose you have to have that gritty determination bubbling away underneath because nothing is easy.

Everyone has time!

I’ve trained hundreds of people over the last few years and every single one of them had 100 reasons not to train but what did they do?

They made sacrifices, missed out on the things they’d rather be doing and got there arses in here and worked hard to achieve their goals.

I’ve seen people overcome pretty much every obstacle you could think of to stop them training in order to do just the opposite.

They did this because they wanted it!

If you truly want something there’s nothing that will stop you doing it except yourself.

In which case you don’t truely want it anyway.

Dan “I want it” Breen

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