Discover How the Barbell Club Online is Taking You from Anywhere in the World to Photoshoot Ready with Over 11 Years of in House Results

Why You Can’t Fail When You Invest in The Barbell Club Online


Even though you'll be working remotely, you'll be on exactly the same programme as all our online clients and in house clients making the barbell club the global sensation it is. The community spirit within our chat groups about what we are doing, what lifts we got brings us all together.
When it comes to our photoshoots we invite everyone of our clients down for this

Life Changing Results

We've already set the standards when it comes to results in house and now with over 11 years experience we've mapped out the blueprint for our online clients. With our proven systems we can get you photoshoot ready anywhere in the world 

Unrivalled Accountability and Support

This online programme is like no other. You work with a dedicated coach 1:1 every single step of the way.  Our coaches will only work with 20 online clients at anyone time to ensure pure dedication. Any modifications within our online programme we change for you there and then. We also do every part of your nutrition so there will never be a point in your journey where its just guess work. Our top of the range app will do everything for you...just open it up, press start and all sessions are there

Your Transformation Pathway With The Barbell Club Online

Step 1: book call 

Book a call by clicking the call button

Step 2: Chat

We need to get you on the phone to see how dedicated you are to making serious changes within your health and fitness we discuss your goals, how the programme works and pricing options

Step 3: Transform

By following our easy to follow app and 1:1 guidance from your personal coach your transformation is start immediately. When the time is right we will take you on a 12 week shred to get that photoshoot finish  

Step 4: Maintain

Theres no point in getting great results if you cant maintain it. Your personal coach is here to ensure your either getting constant improvement or maintaining your new physique for life

To discover how we can help you get leaner, stronger and fitter from anywhere in the world simply click on the button below to arrange a call

Success Stories

Best Move I Made

Having the barbell coaches online has made me stay accountable and as focused as ever. Even with my busy life the investment Ive made makes me stick to the programme to the letter

John38 / Durham / Goverment

Paige needed freedom

Going to the barbell online gave me the freedom to do the workouts on my schedule at the gym 3 minutes from my home, having the barbell club coach me every step of the way means I never skip a beat. My physique and strength is at an all time best...if wanting to take your results to next level then you must get involved 

Paige30 / Washington / HR

Jonny got shredded

Jonny was an in house member but with moving home he wanted the structure our in house gave him. Moved to online and has increased strengh, size and is sub 10% bodyfat all year round 

Jonny40 / Redcarr / Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit before I start?

Not really but a basic level of weight training would help 

What equipment do I need?

Having a gym membership or a good home gym set up would be ideal, even if you have the basics we can change things around for you 

How long are training sessions?

Each sessions lasts between 45mins - 1 hour 

What times/days are training sessions?

We require you to get x 4 sessions in per week these are set out in days Monday. Tuesday, Thursday & Friday but you can do them any day you like

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