Baring it All…

So the picture on the left is me in May 2015 at 75kg
Picture on the right is me on November 30th 2015 at 86kg

6 months difference and 11kg heavier…

So as a fitness professional it was quite hard for me to post these pics as at the end of the day I don’t look my “best”

Like a Facebook profile pic… you ain’t going to put on a “6am just got out of bed” face on there are you?

Most personal trainers and coaches out there will only show you pics when they’re so lean you can see their heart beating.

But… the truth is that most of us don’t look like that all year round… and to be completely honest, the time and effort what goes into being so lean would have an effect on my home life and my business.

Am I pissed about the pics? Sure I am… but I know when the time is right I’ll get back to being lean because I have the knowledge and tools to do so.

Would I recommend being so lean all year round? If that’s your goal then go for it, just remember it will have an effect on your performance and you’ll only get marginal gains year after year, I also think psychologically you’ve got to be made of pretty solid stuff to get through it and maintain it.

On the plus side of this weight gain of mine, my training has gone through the roof, I’m nearly back up to personal best standards and don’t dread going in to heavy sessions, I’m enjoying eating a lot more.

So… when the time comes to get lean I’ll look a little better than the previous year because I’m packing on the muscle.

Ross “can’t see my heart beating yet” Thompson

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