Is This Booze Bin Yours?

Today I’m going talk about alcohol…

I’ll warn you now you probably aren’t going to like it but as they say; the truth hurts.

We have a massive massive alcohol problem in this country. 

Take a walk around on recycling bin day and you’ll see overflowing box after overflowing box outside the majority of peoples doors.

The worrying thing is people don’t seem to realise that their drinking is a problem.

If they were to walk past someone sitting on a garden wall drinking white lightning from a 2 litre bottle in the middle of an afternoon they’d look at them in disgust.

However pouring a bottle or two of sauvignon blanc down your neck on a Wednesday night because the kids have been annoying you and you’ve had a stressful day at work is absolutely fine….

All of this before driving the kids to school and yourself to work in the morning whilst still over the limit.


Do it all you like but don’t pretend it’s not on the same level.

I’m not talking about going out the odd weekend or to a party or having a couple of drinks because you’ve got company over.

It’s the amount of people who seemingly hammer back the drink for no other reason other than they feel they need it.

And there’s a word for that…. Of course 90% of people aren’t actually addicted it’s just habit, something you are used to doing or have seen people do and now think is the norm or ok to do.

Ask yourself why you are having that drink next time you are sat in the house and decide to crack one open.

Is there an actual reason to consume alcohol?

A drink of the which the only purpose is to intoxicate you.

Why do you feel the need to sit by yourself or with your partner and just get pissed for no reason?

If your life is so bad you can’t possibly get by without a drink then I suggest you seek the correct help.

Despite how the first part of this blog might have come across I don’t actually have a problem with people drinking.

We all enjoy a good laugh with friends and family…the added alcohol does get the party going and its been a staple social aspect for hundreds of years

However, what I do have a problem with is people who drink like this but want to be ‘in shape’.

There’s so many problems with this.

Firstly drinking nutrient void calories by the 1000 isn’t going to lend itself well to creating a calorie deficit.

Secondly, if you do still manage to create a deficit it’s because you’ve chose alcohol over food (Doesn’t sound good does it).

Good luck fuelling a training session and building a good physique with very little proper food.

Thirdly, how hard do you think you can actually train whilst hungover?

Seriously even being a little bit groggy is going to take a few percent away from your effort.

If you want to drink like I described above go for it but don’t expect to be in great shape.

If you want to be in great shape I suggest you work on improving your relationship with alcohol.

Firstly beyond the odd special occasion there’s really no need to be drinking during the week. There’s simply no need.

Secondly avoid drinking in the house. I enjoy an occasional drink but never in the house.

It’s too easy, If you want a drink go out and enjoy it in company; you’ll drink a lot less because it’s more expensive and your not pouring it yourself.

It creates accountability and you’ll probably enjoy yourself a hell of a lot more. If money is tight save up all the money you’d spend getting hammered in the house every week and have a proper night out once a month or something.

It’s going to be far more conducive to your goals than the alternative.

Bit of a rant but I hope it helps put a few things into perspective for people regarding alcohol and training.







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