Buckle Up…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a rant but today’s the day that change.

Buckle up!

I’m sick of seeing absolute bullshit relating to nutrition everywhere.

If when your sick you listen to a doctor it seems that when your fat you listen to idiots.

There’s arguably been more research published relating to human nutrition over the last 10 years than in any previous period of time in human history

As I write this we know more about the human body than we have ever known. If there has ever been a time when getting in shape should be simpler then it’s now.

However joe public seems to disagree.

Apparently all these professionals who have spent decades getting a PhD and performing research don’t know anything.

Who knew?

Because when your fat the person who you really need to be listening too is out of shape Barbra from the estate around the corner who sell aloe life plus out the back of her kitchen fucking window.

Even mainstream media constantly fails to get it right despite there being more Articles, TV programmes pretty much everything than ever before.

They confuse people, pick fights in all the wrong places, demonise then deny whichever food they dislike that month.

All with the intention of feeding people what they want to hear in order to increase viewing figures and website traffic.

Apparently even some so called fitness professionals disagree.

In there eyes the only way for the average slightly overweight person to lose a few pounds is eating 10 perfectly prepared micro portions of chicken and broccoli evenly spaced throughout the day, washed down with green tea extract precisely 29.56 minutes after their last bicep superset followed by slow pace cardio performed whilst staring in the mirror screaming various aggressive slogans to yourself and flashing your nipples through a stringer vest.

The whole damn world has gone insane and these parasites seem to be multiplying by the day everywhere you look there’s another made up, pseudo science nut job scheme or diet looking to separate the vulnerable, the stupid and the ignorant from their money and quite frankly it’s gone too far.

That’s what it’s all about as well, money.

You can’t sell the truth, once people understand how the body works and why we gain and lose weight and what’s really important that’s it; they know.

It can’t be rebranded.

Imagine the headlines ‘after thousands of years human physiology has randomly changed…buy our paper to find out how’.

Why do people hate the truth.

Especially in this situation when it’s actually far more accommodatable, sustainable and forgivable than the other ‘options’.

People actually pay to make losing weight more difficult and more complicated.

Weight loss or gain comes down to one or two things. Energy balance in short, Macro nutrients are important to a degree and micronutrients, fibre and water pretty much complete the picture.

There is no good or bad food, there is no evil macro, nutrient timing is mostly unnecessary and there’s certainly no magic pills or potions to promote fat loss your being lied too.

The scariest thing is those doing the lying don’t even realise that they are.

They actually believe their own bullshit.

Do scientists just need to get better at marketing or is there some thing else going on here.

Why isn’t the information getting through and what the fuck are decent well informed coaches supposed to do to break through this shit storm of bullshit to actually help people and how can realistic goals and promises possibly compete with products claiming to change your whole appearance in 9 days.

Are people just too stupid to handle the truth is it above their levels of comprehension?

You tell me?

Money keeps pouring into the health, fitness and supplement industry yet people as a whole just keep getting fatter and fatter as do the wallets of the scumbag magic bean salesman with no end in sight.

Dan “rant over” Breen

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