Bullshit Everywhere!!!

The fitness industry is full of bullshit!

Most people know this but how do they differentiate what is truth and what is bullshit. If you’re a newbie there’s literally no way to tell.

So, with this in mind here 10 fitness myths that people still believe.


MYTH: All you need to do is stop eating ‘bad’ food and start eating ‘clean’ food to lose weight.

TRUTH: Calories in vs calories out will always be the ultimate factor in any weight loss or weight gain. Whilst switching to a majority whole food diet with lower calorie dense foods will aid this it isn’t the be all and end all and cutting out all ‘bad’ or as I prefer ‘enjoyable’ food is likely the worst thing you can do as his instantly puts a tone limit on your ‘diet’. On top of this you can just as easily gain weight eating ‘clean’ (fucking hate that word) or pseudo healthy foods if you’re over your calories.


MYTH: Exercise will solve all your problems.

TRUTH: The saying goes you can’t out exercise a bad diet; and as long as it takes an hour to burn the same amount of calories as a chocolate bar it will remain true. Rather than looking to exercise to create a calorie deficit you should create a calorie deficit through your diet and instead use your time in the gym to build up your body and improve your fitness so you can look better when you do lose the excess fat.


MYTH: Certain exercise ‘burn’ fat.

TRUTH: No exercise in and off itself ‘burns’ fat. As above the physiological process in which you lose weight comes from being in a calorie deficit causing your body to use its own energy stores (fat) to balance the equation thus the amount of fat on the body reduces.
A particular exercise is not going to ‘burn’ fat, exercise is just a means to an end.


MYTH: Exercising a particular body part will cause fat loss in that area.

TRUTH: Unfortunately our bodies don’t work like this. There’s nothing we can do to cause fat loss in specific areas it’ll come off where it comes off in whichever order it does. This is mainly genetic and it’s something we just have to accept.
Instead focus on building the muscle you’re exercising rather than thinking you’re getting rid of the fat. Again this will result in a better shape to your body when you do lose the weight.


MYTH: Lifting weights will make women ‘bulky’ or ‘manly’

TRUTH: Lifting weights is going to be essential for getting the ‘toned’ look must women want.
It’s very very difficult for women to build enough muscle to look bulky, physique competitors dedicate their lives to gaining a significant amount of visible muscle and even then they still don’t look ‘bulky’ or ‘manly’ without the use of steroids your bodies simply aren’t designed to gain that much muscle mass naturally. If these people can’t do it then you aren’t going to do it by accident are you?


MYTH: Certain foods or drinks aid fat loss

TRUTH: This is a ridiculous claim and the fact that people who should no better still peddle this shit is a disgrace and testament to their own stupidity. No food or drink is going to cause you to lose ‘fat’ a sustained calorie deficit over a period of time will cause to lose weight but If all other variables are the same then the addition of green tea or anything else for that matter is not going to increase fat loss.


MYTH: Eating carbs makes you fat or eating fat makes you fat.

TRUTH: As I’ve explained previously it’s the overall calories that count and it’s been proven many times by reputable studies that opting for either high fat low carb or high carb low day does not increase the amount of fat lost as long as all other variables are the same.


MYTH: A high protein diet is bad for you

TRUTH: As long as you are healthy and have no existing health problems such as kidney disease then eating a high protein diet will do you no harm. The fact that government guidelines for protein are still as low as they are is criminal. If you are active and training then eating a high protein diet of between 0.8 and 1.2g per lb of body mass will be far more help than hindrance.


MYTH: If you aren’t sore you haven’t worked hard enough or your workout was insufficient.

TRUTH: Barring stating a new programme or the sessions immediately following time off from training you shouldn’t be massively sore after every session. If you are it’s likely you’re recovery is poor, a little bit soreness is fine but if your aim is to cripple yourself every session then your on a slippery slope and it won’t lend itself well to long term progress.


MYTH: Going to the gym alone is enough to stay in shape.

TRUTH: if your a slob when your not in the gym those 3 hours a week won’t save you. What you do outside the gym is equally if not more essential to maintaining a healthy weight than what you do in the gym. Stay active.


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