Change your Mindset…

You can’t change your body without changing your mindset!

The whole dieting mentality just doesn’t work it’s been proven time and time again.

The percentage of people who start a diet and fail is massive.

I guarantee that if you are reading this you will have at some point started a diet, failed and then put back on any weight you’d lost and some.

Every single step of typical dieting is wrong.

The first thing people usually do is ask how they can lose weight the quickest or easiest.

Straight away you’ve started with the WRONG mentality.

The second thing people try to do is find a way to eat all the shit they usually eat whilst sacrificing their actual meals rather than eating correctly and just limiting the stuff that isn’t so helpful.

The third thing they do is weigh themselves incessantly freaking out when they see no change and then try to reduce how much they are eating which leads to inevitable failure and binges.

The fourth thing they do is focus on negatives rather than positives. They don’t look at their health, fitness, performance or mental well being their whole focus revolves around a number on a set of fucking scales.

The final thing they do is fail…. miserably.

This cycle just repeats and repeats.

The sad thing is leading a healthy and active life is really rewarding but in so many more ways than just weight loss and aesthetics.

However nobody seems to be interested in that.

The daft bit is by focusing on all the other benefits of improving your lifestyle your weight and aesthetics will likely improve by default.

There’s normally a lot of complicated reasons why someone is over weight it’s not as simple as you eat too much… so eat less.

Learning to enjoy training and an active lifestyle is a massive step to changing these things.

Better sleep, more energy, increased self esteem and better motivation are all factors that will in-fact make dieting easier.

Rather than looking at dieting as a solution to your weight problems look towards lifestyle changes as a solution to your dietary problems.

If you really want to succeed you need to learn to think of dieting as the effect rather than the cause and more importantly be patient and learn to enjoy the many benefits of the process rather than just looking blanking at the now… waiting for the numbers on the scales to change.

That hasn’t worked this far why would it work now?


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