It All Comes Down To Choice…

This week I’m going to discuss some things that really annoy me when it comes to taking about health and fitness.

These are all comments I hear on an almost weekly basis but continue to baffle me nonetheless.

The first… “I wish I had your dedication” … Nobody ever turns around to a bloke in the pub watching the football and drinking a pint and says “you know what?! I just don’t understand how you do it… dragging yourself in here every week… I wish I had your dedication”. This same statement applies to pretty much any way in which people choose to spend their free time. The reason it doesn’t get said is because it sounds ridiculous.

Well guess what? When you say the above to me it sounds just as ridiculous. I train as much as I do because it’s a hobby and I enjoy it. If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t do it because I’m human and we don’t like having to do stuff we don’t want to.

If you really hate going to the gym or doing whatever training you do so much that you can’t fathom any way of enjoying it then you need to change what it is you’re doing. We all know that doing something we don’t enjoy has an expiry date so change it to something you do enjoy and it will continue, thus leading to better results and a happier you.

It doesn’t have to be a gym; just find some form of activity you enjoy doing that gets you moving about.

The second thing “well it’s different for you isn’t it?” … why? Why the fuck is it any different for me. Last time I checked I’m a human just like you, I’m in control of myself just like you.

I don’t just magically auto navigate to a gym and train by accident I make a choice to do so because I want to.

The same goes for food, by the time I finish work at 7:30pm having left the house at 5:00am I’d love nothing more than to order a pizza or a Chinese. I’m hungry, tired and like every other human on the planet I enjoy and crave shit food.

The reason 9 times out of 10 I don’t is because I choose not to. We all have free will and it’s no different for me to have to tell myself no as it is for anyone else. It’s bloody difficult and it’s a constant battle but it’s a choice.

If you choose not to do something that’s up to you; it makes no difference to anyone else. However, don’t pretend or in any way convince yourselves that the people who do choose to do it have it easy. We all have a choice.

The third is “I can’t afford that” or “I wish I could do that but it’s too expensive” well guess what? Neither can I!

Well I couldn’t if I didn’t choose to sacrifice other things to accommodate it. Just like with our time we all have a choice of how we spend our money.

If I choose to spend the same amount of money most people my age spends on drink, meals out, clothes and everything else in between on training, food and supplements then that’s a choice.

Don’t then turn around and say I’d do the same if I could afford it. Well here’s an idea change your priorities and do it like I have to.

I didn’t want this to be too ranty, but the fact is that us trainers, and our many clients, that choose to prioritise our goals and our training over other aspects of life, don’t have it any easier than anyone else. We just make a choice to live our lives in a certain way and everyone else can also make that choice if they want to.


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