Clean Eating – Piss Off

I’ve never understood what it is about being in shape, exercising or eating pseudo ‘healthy’ food that gives people a superiority complex.

I see it all the time and it honestly baffles me; people actually think they are better than other people based solely on their body composition and or the food that they eat.

As ridiculous as it sounds these weirdos actually exist.

Firstly nobody is impressed or even remotely interested in how you look or what you do.

Which isn’t a problem because you should be training for you and for your own reasons and not to impress your imaginary friends on Instagram.

Secondly, when you show off your ‘healthy’ food and belittle those you see eating ‘bad’ ‘dirty’ food the only result is laughter.

……At you

For being a boring fucker and a hypocrite because chances are you eat the same things just in secret.

Here’s the really interesting bit though and it’s even more amusing than your arrogance.

All your actually doing is highlighting that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Anyone who understands anything about the science of human nutrition knows that the whole concept of good and bad food is a bit of a fallacy and that so long as the majority of your diet hits your nutritional needs and your calories are in check then you’re good to go and eating so called ‘bad food’ within these parameters ain’t going to do shit.

I know you’ve probably just spat your squeaky clean lunch out in disgust but bare with me.

I know you think you’re doing yourself a favour but pretty much every consequence that gets peddled at individual food or food groups such as illnesses, disease etc is generally a consequence of being overweight and not of the actual food you’ve been eating.

Anyway, back to the original point.

Now that you realise nobody is impressed by you ordering a salad in the restaurant and you’re aware that scoffing at other people’s food choices only highlights how ignorant you actually are then maybe you could focus all that energy on educating yourself rather than limiting yourself to a very mundane and repressive lifestyle in the interest of living up to an ideal that isn’t even factual.

Hopefully this resonates in people and I can stop being sick in my mouth every time I hear the words dirty, bad or naughty in relation to food.

Dan “my foods cleaner than yours” Breen

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