Why You Need A Coach…

We’re all guilty of thinking we can do everything alone. However most of the time this is just down to arrogance so here’s 10 reasons why you need a coach!

1. You don’t actually know what your doing in the gym! Yeah you go but you don’t really understand what your doing or why, there’s no logic to your programming and chances are you’re performing most of the exercises incorrectly.

2. You aren’t working hard enough. You’re sitting on your phone taking longer rests than you should and avoiding the exercises you don’t like.

3. You’re accountable to nobody. If you don’t fancy turning up; not a problem! The only person who knows is you. Before you know it your training once or twice a week and not getting the results you want.

4. There’s nobody to push or encourage you. Whether It be one to one or group training when your being coached your getting pushed. You’re guaranteed to have a good session because all you need to do it turn up. Once there you don’t have an option but to get the graft done.

5. You’re nutrition is shit. As the saying goes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you aren’t bailing your nutrition you’ve got no chance. It’s all well and good thinking it’ll take care of itself as long as your training but it really won’t.

6. Training by yourself is boring! By having someone to coach you it keeps things fresh.

7. There’s no need to worry about intimidation. It’s easy to be intimidated in the gym if your not confident in that environment. Having a coach removes this barriers.

8. The gym you currently train at is shit. It might be shiny and new but it’s not an environment that encourages hard work or results and you might not even be able to get on the equipment when you need too. If you get trained in a studio or private gym like ours then that’s not a problem your most likely going to be the only one there.

9. Progress is monitored for you and advise is constantly available. There’s no need to worry about how you’re doing body composition analysis comes as standard and that information is used to tailor your nutrition, training and lifestyle to best suit your goals. This means you just have to listen, no stressing, no overthinking everything is done for you.

10. Finally, you genuinely deserve the best results possible and getting coached is the way to achieve that. Everyone, regardless of experience benefits from being coached and you will too. Think how much time and money you’ve wasted trying to get in shape without any success. If you make a serious investment in yourself then the results will show.

Here at RT Fitness we offer many forms of coaching ranging from bespoke one to one coaching to group weight lifting and group conditioning. All of which are fully charged meeting all of the criteria above.

P.s. Do you love the idea of one to one training but don’t think you can afford the investment?

Split the cost by training with a friend.

You’ll receive all of the many benefits that come with one to one coaching whilst also saving money and you’ll probably enjoy training with a friend more than on your own.

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