Outside Of The Comfort Zone…

How often do you put yourself outside of your comfort zone?

We all have different exercises we enjoy doing and that’s great. However In almost all cases these are the things we’re already good at.

This begs the question how effective are these things going to be in attempting to reach your goals?

Lads? Chest day? Leg day? You get the idea!!!

This is one of the reasons people see awesome results when they start getting coached.

Just to put it out there I’m a coach myself so telling you this probably isn’t in my best interests but fuck it.

The truth is 90% of the time the reason you’ve started getting these results isn’t because your coach is some training God who’s bestowing gains upon you. It’s because you’ve finally got some accountability and whether you like it or not your being made to work hard and work outside of your comfort zone.

This is what brings results not some super programme.

So, now I’ve told you this little secret do you have it in you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and the mental strength to work as hard as you need to when you have no one to answer to but yourself?

Be honest, if the answer is no and you really want results get a coach.

You’ll save a ton of wasted time!

Thank me later!

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