I Will Not Compare…

Be careful who you choose to base your goals off.

Social media is a controversial subject when it comes to exercise and fitness. Some love it and some hate.

As for myself I can see both sides and therefore it depends on the issue as to which way I go. 

People are more accessible than ever and we can get a greater insight into what everyone is doing.

We see how people look who we would never have previously knew existed and people being the idiots that they are pick the best of the best and compare themselves to them.

Bit like me going to the running track 3 times a week and wondering why Usain bolt is still quicker!

The issue here is most people aren’t them.

I’m not going to go down the route of belittling anyone’s achievements.

If someone is in mint shape then they have worked their arses off to get there regardless of anything else people may accuse them of.

There’s no pill that replaces hard work.

Back to point one though most of these people are not only genetically gifted like any top level athlete they also do what they do pretty much full time.

You can’t want to be what someone else is without doing what they do.

Am I saying you should do what they do?

Absolutely not!

I never would because as much as I’m a coach and I love my training I also enjoy life. I like going out with friends and family, I enjoy eating good food. Despite working in a gym my entire life isn’t solely based around it and I’m assuming most of yours aren’t either.

That’s not a bad thing either.

However, unless you want to be completely and utterly consumed by your training and physique (in which case go for it) don’t compare yourself to the people who do choose to live that life you’ll only be disappointed.

Can you still get in good shape and live a flexible lifestyle?

Yeah but you’ll probably have to settle for good.

Whys that such a bad thing though?

You look great to 99% of people, your healthy and most importantly your happy because your living a happy lifestyle.

I’m not discouraging people from pursuing these goals.

Anyone that achieves that level in anything has my respect but to achieve that you have to pretty much put your life on hold and everything else comes second.

It’s mentally challenging and it will strain your relationships with friends and family.

If you are willing to make these sacrifices go for it but if you want a relatively normal life stop comparing yourself to these people.

They’re playing a completely different game never mind in a different league.

I understand it’s frustrating when you see these posts and pictures on Instagram and there going on as if they are living the same normal lifestyle as you but take a closer look and you’ll see it’s just advertising, marketing. To get you to buy whatever products they are selling.

Again this isn’t their fault it’s the way the world has worked for years.

You need to be savy. When you see a celebrity selling a £5.99 beauty cream on the tv that has solved all their problems do you believe them? No! You use your brain. Social media is the new television understanding that and approach with the same level of caution.

Besides anything though just stop comparing yourself to people on the internet you’ve never met and focus on yourself and appreciating the life you have and the progress you make.






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