Consistency Is Key…

There’s only one way to get in decent shape or more importantly to stay in decent shape and that’s consistency.

It doesn’t matter what you do but you need to be consistent with it.

Anyone who looks like they train has got there by doing the basics consistently. 

Pretty much everyone wants to look and feel good but few people are willing to do what it takes for the long term.

There’s a good reason for this as well. Most people think they have to do a lot to get in shape. This means when they’re start they go all out and this inevitably has a shelf life and eventually it will be too much to sustain and they’ll quit.

The sad thing is if they toned it down a bit and only did the moderate amount they actually needed to do. Then there’s a much better chance of them sticking at it for long enough to get in the shape they want to be in.

Another problem is most people think they can achieve this look in a few weeks it doesn’t work like that. It takes years of training consistently to get there and to stay there you have to continue doing whatever you did to get there in the first place. You can’t just stop.

If you are serious about changing your physique you need to create a plan that you can stick too. That doesn’t mean training twice a day seven days a week because that’s ridiculous and you won’t get quicker results doing it. A good workout 3-4 times a week is more than enough for anyone.

Once you’ve done this you then need to accept that this is it.

As long as you want to be in shape you need to live like this you can’t just do it for a few months get to where you want to be then just stop. If you do you’ll just end up back to square one.

Just do a little bit all the time rather than going all out for a few weeks stopping for a few month and repeat if isn’t going to get you anywhere.





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