Can’t Cook… Won’t Cook!!!

Is your inability to Cook making you fat?

If you walk into any supermarket or shop you see rows of shelves filled with ready to eat, cheap, calorie dense, nutrient void, hyper palatable food.

This isn’t necessarily a problem all of this certainly has its place in my diet and every other honest person but it makes up the minority of my nutrition not the majority.

The reason for this is that the majority of my meals are home cooked dishes made up of whole foods. Most of these meals are large in volume, high in nutrients and relatively moderate in calories.

I’ve got to thank my mother for this as not only has she always provided this type of meal for our family for the majority of my life up until this point she’s also passed on the skills and knowledge needed to prepare such meals for myself.

On top of this I also love cooking; well food in general. As long as I have time I’ll always opt to cook a meal myself rather than eat out or order in.

I can create great meals to my exact tastes and I know what’s in them so it helps steer me towards my goals.

The problem is most people don’t know how to cook or to be more honest they don’t want too.

We’ve become very lazy as a society and this combined with the ready to go food I mentioned earlier and the numerous take aways on every street corner and all of a sudden it becomes far easier to eat this type of food than it is too cook a meal from scratch.

This is a huge problem not because of the old ‘good’ food ‘bad’ bullshit just because of overall calorie consumption.

If all the ready food and take always suddenly disappeared and you were left with only traditional food sources you’d find it much more difficult to overeat on quality protein sources, vegetable and unprocessed carbs.

However throw in a McDonald’s breakfast, meal deal lunch and pizza on the way home and not only will you have overeaten you’ll still be hungry after. More calories and less satisfied.

The worrying thing is not only is the ability to cook quality meals at home disappearing but once it’s finally gone it’ll be gone forever.

I find it very difficult to fit one take away or meal out into my macros when I’m not trying to drop weight so doing so when you are is almost impossible.

Most people are eating multiple take aways per a week; pretty much every meal they would otherwise have to cook for themselves is switched for a convenient alternative.

The only result of this is only ever going to be a calorie surplus and people wonder why their getting fat.

There’s nothing wrong with a take away now and again or any high calorie meal but if it turns into a stable of you weekly diet you’ve got no chance.

This brings me to another point.


What you may ask?


Nobody eats there veggies anymore and it’s getting more prominent with every generation that comes through.

‘I don’t like vegetables’ we’re creating a world full of overgrown toddlers and nobody is going to play here comes the aeroplane with a 20 odd year old.

I’m not on a health rant here, that’s a whole other blog but apart from health, vegetables play a massive part in keeping us fuller for longer which again stops snacking between meals and thus helps keep calories down.

If all you eat is hyper palatable, high calorie food that never fills you up what are you going to do?

Eat more because it tastes great and your still hungry.

The result?


There’s a lot of bullshit out there and whilst the whole ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ food thing is a load of shit.

Food quality and nutrient density is important and the only way to guarantee this is by cooking your own meals.

Otherwise, you’ll always struggle to maintain a healthy weight long term.

It’s just too damn easy to overeat that type of food.

Do yourself a massive favour and learn to prepare some proper damn meals.


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