A Really Crappy Week…

I’ve been feeling really shitty the last couple of weeks (apologies for the swearing in advance)

Like I want to explode!

The thing is… life isn’t rainbows, unicorns and six packs.

I’m going to give you a list of everything that has bothered me:

I can’t seem to see anything fun or good coming up in my life

I feel like I’m just floating along waiting for something to happen

I’m taking all this shit out on my fiancé and kids focusing on the tiny negatives they have

I can’t even write out a 2 month plan never mind a 5 year one which I keep meaning to do

I’m sick to fucking death of the British weather and its long ass winters and shitty summers

I feel like it’s work, sleep, repeat

I’m getting on my own tits and don’t actually want to be around me…

What’s the answer?

Well… my beautiful fiancé Sarah has just give me a good hard talking to and a swift kick to the windpipe and told me to sort my shit out

I need to stop focusing on every little negative there is in the world and look at how many positives there are…

For fucks sake

I’ve got a hot ass girl who loves me know matter what and who stands by my side through everything including my mood swings…

I’ve got 2 beautiful kids who are so pleasant in nature

I run my own business where I actually help people become better versions of themselves

I’ve got a home, a car and a steady income

I’m actually in a position where I was able to go and book a holiday

My friends are always there when I need them

I have clothes on my back

I’m surround by material things….I’m writing this on an iPad these things aren’t cheap

My 5 year plan maybe fuzzy but I know I’m going to be in a better position I am now

I’m also pretty damn fit for a 31 year old dad of 2

When I really look at the negatives the positives out weigh them by a shit load and I’ve just got to man up and crack the fuck on and always reassure myself that actually… life is good… I love my girl, I love my boys, I love my life…

I know I’ve waffled on a bit but needed to share this and in hope if any of you feel the same… take a good look around you and truly have a look at what you’ve got and focus on what really matters…


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