Dans Rants Vol 1…

The reason you are miserable is because your are trying to fix every fucker else’s problems except your own.

The world is smaller than its ever been.

Technology has made it possible to be in tune with every single thing that happens anywhere in the world at any time.

Facebook allows you to know what anyone else is doing at any time and Instagram and Snapchat show you.

This information is absolutely useless to you!

You aren’t a politician, you have no power, no influence and nobody actually cares what you think about anything so worrying about it is just wasted energy.

Rather than focusing on what Is literally happening to you, right now.

People focus on the million other things that don’t actually effect their lives in any way.

Just for one second look at where you are and what you are doing.

Look around.

If there was no technology what would you actually be aware of?

Your own feelings, are you hungry, tired, need a shit?

What you can see, and what is happening around you.

This is what you should be worrying about not something or someone 1000’s of miles away.

It’s none of your business.

How much more relaxed would you be if that was all you were aware of?

Life would be so much simpler.

We all have our very own tiny little section of life comprising of your house, your family, the people in your immediate vicinity, where you work and anywhere else you go will enter your awareness temporarily.

The best bit about all of these things is because they are so close and personal they are actually part of your life it means you have the ability to affect and influence them.

They are your problems and you can change them in order to make you happy.

A global issue on the other side of the world is not your problem and you don’t have any power over it so stop wasting time and energy in the wrong areas.

I’ll be honest I literally don’t give a fuck about anything that doesn’t directly affect my life, the people in my life or involve me.

Am I selfish?


Do I care?


Because I’m happy and it allows me to focus on the important things.

The thing is if you stopped wasting all of this energy on the other shit you could invest your time on improving yourself and the areas of your life you aren’t happy with.

These are things you can actually change and they will have a positive impact on how you and the people around you feel.

How often do you see something that doesn’t directly involve you that gets you angry and you then take it out in the people who are actually around you. It’s ridiculous.

Shrink your world down to the smallest size you can possibly make it and focus on making this tiny little area exactly how you want it.

Fuck everything else…you can’t affect it anyway and really you shouldn’t even be aware of it happening.

Learn to switch the wider world off in order to improve your own world.

Rant over


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