Dans Rants Vol 2

Everyone says they want results!

Most people don’t get results!


They don’t get results because they don’t want to do what it takes to get results.

They don’t want to change.

They don’t want to leave their comfort zone.

They are more focused on avoiding the things they don’t like than they are on doing the things that will help achieve their goals.

I literally couldn’t tell you how many times as a coach I hear the words can’t.

In each of the following examples I’ll translate the word ‘can’t’ into the correct term which is ‘I don’t want too’.

I ‘can’t’ eat that… ‘I don’t want to eat that’.

I ‘can’t’ eat that many calories… ‘I don’t want to eat that many calories’.

I ‘can’t’ eat that much protein… ‘I don’t want to eat that much protein’.

I ‘can’t’ eat that at that time. ‘I don’t want to eat that at that time’.

I ‘can’t’ get in at that time… ‘I don’t want to come in at that time’.

I ‘can’t’ do any more… ‘I don’t want to do anymore’

I ‘can’t’ afford that… ‘I don’t want that enough’

I ‘can’t’ go to bed that early… ‘I don’t want to go to bed that early.

I could go on and on……

Every single one of these statements translates very fucking simply into one blanket statement.

‘I don’t want results’ you might like the idea of getting great results but you don’t actually want them do you?

If you did you’d be willing to make sacrifices to get them.

None of our clients want to get up at 5am. But they do.

Because they want results.

I don’t always want to eat certain things.

But I do.

Because I want the results.

Nobody wants to put themselves through a brutal leg session.

But they do.

Because they want the results.

If you genuinely want results; fantastic.

However do not say you want results in one breath then tell us everything you ‘can’t’ do in another.

Every single person who has ever walked into a fucking gym and walked out a few month later with anything resembling good results has repeatedly done things they didn’t want to do.

They’ve done things they didn’t enjoy.

They’ve put themselves in uncomfortable situations and they have never once turned round and said they don’t want to do that because the moment you say that is the moment you reveal that you don’t actually want what you say you want.

People with goals work hard and make sacrifices to achieve them.

This isn’t easy for anyone, nobody I repeat nobody gets an easy ride.

It’s a constant physical and mental drain and anyone who trains or lives with anyone who trains will testify to this but we all do it because we want the physical results of these sacrifices.

If this isn’t what you want that’s fine.

Nobody has to do this or want the same things but don’t tell me you want what us and our clients have and then look at me like I’m nuts when I ask you to do what us and our clients did to get there.



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