Dedication and Results

Your goals should reflect the amount of time and dedication you are willing to put into achieving them.

We can all flick through Instagram pick out the person with what we deem the best physique and decide thats what we want to look like.

There’s a huge problem with this.

How good you look is a direct reflection of how much work you put in and the average person is highly unlikely to ever obtain that level of training or consistency.

This isn’t a dig it’s a fact.

Normal people live normal lives with full time jobs, families and everything else therefore living the life of a competitive athlete who trains for a living is an unrealistic goal.

I personally set my goals quite high and I do this because I believe I live a lifestyle that matches those goals.

Every waking moment of my day is spent either thinking about training, training itself or eating to support training.

I’m normally in bed every night by 20.00-21.00 at the latest and up at 4:30am. I have little to no social life especially during the week.

If it happens after 6pm on a week day it won’t involve me.

Any disposable income I have is spent on either food, supplements or equipment.

My primary objective when I wake up on a morning is that days training session everything else is secondary and that doesn’t change until the session is over and I switch my focus to eating the right foods to recover from the session and getting sufficient rest.

The thing is living like this isn’t for everyone and nor is it possible for 90% of the population to live this lifestyle.

This is why my goals and your goals should be completely different.

If you want to stay in shape without it completely taking over and dominating your life then you can absolutely achieve this but set your goals in accordance with this.

If you want to train a couple of times a week and only make slight changes to your lifestyle then picking out some professional on instagram is only going to lead to you being disappointed because you’re never going to look like them without doing what they do and doing what they do is unrealistic for the average person.

So, set realistic goals in accordance with the time and effort you are willing to put into achieving them and crack on pushing towards them but don’t kid yourself and aim for the stars.


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