Why Do We Expect Too Much?

Why do people expect so much from themselves.

Why isn’t it enough to just be happy and healthy.

Somewhere along the line we’ve lost our way.

Everyone expects to be perfect and look like a model.

People put all their energy into ripping themselves apart and for what they aren’t and what they’ll never be.

Why not try being grateful for what you are and what you do have.

By virtue of the geographical location in which you were born you’re in the top 10 percent in the world in terms of wealth, you have free access to full health care, you don’t have to worry about providing clean water, food and shelter for you’re family, or that you or your children could die at any moment from preventable illnesses.

What they do instead…(because they’re cunts).

They cry and bitch on because they don’t have the body they want the perfect hair or face.

Or their Instagram didn’t get enough likes.

Africas heart bleeds for you.

I don’t know when it happened but as a society we’ve turned into overly entitled arseholes who are so up our own arses we can’t be grateful for the important things in life…but instead spend the majority of our existence crying into designer clothes about how someone else is more perfect than we are.

None of it matters, it’s irrelevant.

Especially when almost everything you complain about is your own doing and responsibility.

Try crying to a starving child that you hate yourself because your overweight because you can’t stop eating too much.

Get some perspective and start enjoying life for the simple thing that it is rather than hating every minute of it because there’s thousands of people all over the world that would happily swap.



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