You are being exploited!

It’s the middle of January and everyone knows what that means.

The festive period is over and you’ve probably ate and drank a little more than usual.

This has probably caused you to gain a little weight; everyone’s in the same boat here give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be back to normal.

The problem here is people don’t think like that do they?

Despite how much easier our lives would be if we did our actual reaction to this slight gain in weight is to go fucking mental, decide we’ve completely fucked our lives up and a change is needed.

Thus the new year craziness commences…..

Here’s the bit you’re probably not going to like.

As a consumer you are there to be exploited.

The world works off supply and demand and if you’re willing to buy something then don’t blame the person who sold you it.

It’s almost like the supermarket sold you all that lovely Christmas food knowing you’ll be back again in January to buy all the ‘healthy diet’ food that’s now replaced it at the front of the store.

Who’d have thought it?

This is why it’s important to take responsibility for yourself and stop being so impulsive.

Everywhere I’ve looked this week I’ve seen adverts for gyms, supplement companies, meal plans and pretty much anything else that people think is going to help them lose weight.

If; like most people in January you’re full of emotion, high as a kite about the few lbs you’ve put on (most of which is probably water) and shopping solely on impulse you’ve probably spent an absolute fortune on a load of bullshit and magic beans and in a years time you’ll be even fatter and doing the same thing again…In fact make that a month!!!

Who’s to blame for this?

The industry?

For knowingly selling this crap to people who are desperate and don’t know any better.

Or the people?

Who put themselves in the position to be exploited in the first place.

Here’s a harsh truth people are going to try and exploit you your whole life.

The majority of businesses are built on exploitation whether it be their customers or their employees it’s the name of the game unfortunately and It’s up to you to take some damn responsibility and stop being such an easy target.

If you actually want to change your lifestyle stop playing the victim and educate yourself.

The reason you are over weight isn’t because you’ve enjoyed Christmas it’s because you constantly overeat more energy than your body can actually use.

It’s got nothing to do with some random type of food you eat (insert carbs, fat, sugar, additives etc. etc.) and you certainly don’t need to start popping pills and shakes and following quick fix plans that you’ll fail with in a week.

What you need to do is start to make sustainable lifestyle changes that you can actually stick too.

This shouldn’t have to cost you anything either.

This isn’t some elaborate sales pitch, I’ve got nothing to sell you. We’re full and I’m full. At this very moment I couldn’t sell you anything even if you wanted me too.

This is free advise and nothing else and you’ll not get much for free at this time of year I’m telling you so listen up!

Here’s three pieces of advice that might actually be useful to you.

The first piece of advise is stop looking for a quick fix.

Simple. It took you a good while to gain whatever weight you have and it’s going to take just as long, probably longer to lose it. I know that’s not what you want to hear but it’s the truth. If you don’t want to believe me keep throwing money at your quick fixes and I’ll see you next January.

The second free piece of advice I’m going to give you.

Stop being so damn strict.

It’s a sure fire recipe for guaranteed failure. The reason you aren’t in the shape you want to be in is because you eat too much and move too little. What happens if you starve someone who eats too much and then make them do exercise that they hate. That’s right! They quit. Stop kidding yourself that this time you’re going to stick it out. You’re lying to yourself! Focus on changing small aspects of your lifestyle and keep it doable so you don’t just jack it in by the time February roles around.

The third and final piece of advise is find something you actually enjoy doing that has a positive influence on your lifestyle rather than joining a gym you have absolutely no intention of going to because you feel intimidated and don’t know what you are doing.

Avoid big commercial gyms at all cost. They only want your money and their business is built on you failing and not turning up. If you do feel like a gym is the right way to go then there’s loads of small independent facilities around here that stand a far better chance of helping you and most won’t tie you in to a year long contract like the big boys.

If you don’t think a gym is the right idea then, good!

At least you’re being honest with yourself rather than spending a full year paying the price for your own stupidity.

Instead do something else to stay active. Go on walks with a friend. There’s no rule that you have to go to a gym to lose weight and get healthy that’s just what gyms want you to think. Just find a way to control what you eat and stay active and you might actually get somewhere.

I hope this actually helps at least one person think about the decisions they make this month and to stop being so damn impulsive when it comes to losing weight and if not I’ll role out the same blog next year and it’ll be just as true……


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