Feeling Like A Failure?

How’s your January health kick going?

Feel like you’ve failed already? Why?

Because you’ve ate or drunk something you decided you shouldn’t? Because yet again you created a regime that was just too hard to stick too?

This is the exact reason why you decided you needed to make these changes in the first place. You’re being too strict and setting yourself up to fail.

Being fit and healthy isn’t about will power or deprivation it’s about being flexible and consistently inconsistent.

Who’s going to look better by the end of the year? The person who’s super strict for January and February then inevitably goes of the rails and doesn’t train or eat correctly until next January or the person who does most things right most of the time with the odd exception here and there but does that for the whole year. Obviously number 2.

It’s a long game and the sooner you realise having one left over quality street doesn’t mean it’s all over and you’ve failed and have to give up. It means nothing. Heck; have the whole box as long as you get back to do the right things straight after you’ll keep making progress.

Weight loss is a slow process. Yes you can lose a couple of stone in a few months being supper strict but what does that achieve if you put it all back on a month later. Oppose to losing two stone in a year and keeping it off whilst also living life to the full.

So, in short. No you haven’t failed you’ve only just begun. From now on though cut yourself some slack train hard, enjoy life, enjoy food, be consistently inconsistent and you might just be surprised how much further it gets you.

Dan “consistently inconsistent” Breen

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