What Makes A Good Client?

What makes a good client?

People are always talking about what makes a good coach and this isn’t a bad thing every coach no matter who they are or how much they know can always learn something or improve. However nobody ever talks about what makes a good client.

This is important because even the best coach in the world can’t get somebody great results if they themselves don’t play ball. 

Hiring a good coach is a great starting point on achieving your goals but that action alone won’t get you results.

It might get your arse in the gym but the only way you’re going to get results is by working hard and being a good client.

So, what makes a good client.

1. They trust their coach.

Questioning why your doing something and the reasons behind it is a great thing and I wholly encourage it.

A good coach should never have a problem with explaining this to you.

However, if you then choose to ignore them it’s all a waste of time.

If you really don’t believe in the way they coach or the advise they give you then find a coach you do believe in.

2. Listens to their coach and is honest with themselves.

A client will spend on average 3-4 hours with their coach per week. It doesn’t matter what they do in these hours if they don’t help themselves in the other 164 hours per week. Again no coach no matter how skilled can help you if you don’t follow their advise outside of the gym.

3. Does what is asked of them within their ability.

Only you know how hard your working and if your selling yourself short. If your telling us you can’t physically do anymore when you actually can… you’re only lying to yourself. All the encouragement in the world won’t help if you don’t want to put the work in yourself. You can only give 100% and that’s all anyone should ever ask for but any less than that is inexcusable.

4. A good client doesn’t blame their coach when they fail to do all of the above and inevitably don’t get results.

Self-reflection is one of the most powerful tools when your attempting to progress in any area of life. The ability to be self-critical is essential to identifying and changing things your doing wrong. Don’t just point the finger this is a two way of thing and you have to do your bit as well.

5. Finally, a good client gets great results.

If you avoid falling into the traps above and fully invest yourself in what your coach asks of you there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to achieve your goals.

Just have a little faith and accept equal responsibility.




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