What is a Good Coach

A little knowledge can be dangerous thing when it comes to training.

So many people think they know enough to go to the gym and get results, yet so many of these people continuously fail in their efforts.

Lads especially scoff at the idea of being being coached or told what to do.

After all they have read every issue of men’s health for the past two years… what could they possibly be told that they don’t already know

The problem with knowing a little is you think you know what your doing, but have no idea how to actually apply that information and perform it correctly.

That’s if what you think you should be doing is even correct in the first place.

I have a good idea of how my car works and the basic mechanics of it but that doesn’t mean I’m going to try to do my own MOT.

Same goes for anything really.

If you want the job done right and the correct end result you would go to an expert.

Learning about training, nutrition and your body is a great thing for anyone to do.

I 100% believe this sort of thing should be taught from a young age so people are better prepared to look after themselves when they get older.

However there’s so much conflicting information how would you ever know for yourself what is right, what is wrong and what have you misinterpreted.

In short most people don’t read something that sounds right and they believe it because they don’t know any better.

This approach then fails and they read and believe the next thing they see and the cycle continues all because they continue to pick up little bit of knowledge and information but never enough to put it all together and get results.

Even worse is those who not only do this but then pass on their new found knowledge to anyone who’ll listen and sooner or later you end up with multiple people believing the same misinformed, poorly interpreted information and failing themselves.

If you genuinely want results invest in a good coach who will help fill in the blanks and help you on the right track.

A good coach should not only train you but educate you so you are better prepared to go things alone in the future.

Always ask questions and remember there’s no shame in not knowing something.

We are all constantly learning and that’s a good thing.

Nobody knows everything and anyone who claims too is either very closed minded or full of shit.


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