Don’t Take It For Granted…

Don’t take your results for granted…

For many people who start a fitness journey it’s with a goal in mind. For the majority, once they hit that goal, they stop what they started, missions accomplished… before long these people end up back where they started or worse.

For some, they set new goals and keep on going which is awesome, but they forget how hard it was to get the results they first set out to. They begin to take their results for granted.

I’m going to use myself as an example here… I actually started to write this in Thailand, where I was definitely not in my best shape.

I’ve been one of those people who has taken my results for granted. I’m what you might call an anomaly and what many PT’s claim don’t exist, for my training life I’ve been totally able to out train a bad diet… my diet is shite, I eat rubbish high calorie food the majority of the time (I think my only saving grace is I’m not and never have been a greedy person), never the less, I eat crap.

This when gaining muscle has been a huge advantage as I’ve been fuelling my body, then over time I’ve established my maintenance was increasing and I loved it!!! Being able to eat even more of the stuff I enjoyed, the stuff most people hitting the gym avoid like the plague, this was awesome… even when cutting I could still eat a lot!!! The perks of lifting weights as aforementioned by Dan.

So… back to the point… since the wedding and as you’ll recall from a few blogs my training has been shite as well and I’ve completely taken for granted just how much food I am able to eat and why I have been able to eat it… it wasn’t because I was some sort of magical unicorn, it’s because I would train hard at least 4 days a week, maintaining or building on my lean muscle mass… so since my training of late has been lacklustre my maintenance calories have began to reduce because of the reduced muscle mass and general overconsumption of shite whilst giving it the big licks to Ross that I can get away with it more than he can, which he hates.

I have totally and utterly taken my position for granted, I have taken my body for granted and I don’t like it. I know we are our own worse critics and people often say to each other “eeee there’s nowt on you” “you look fine as you are” “you don’t need to go to the gym” and I for one always say it’s about you and how you feel about your body that matters… as a professional I can advise if I believe something is unrealistic or indeed unhealthy… but as a person, I know it’s down to how we feel about ourselves that matters.

This leads me to question why so many people hit a goal and then just like that they stop… how is it such a common recurrence… once they’ve made the mistake once, why do they then do it again? Sign up for a period of time, complete it feel mint and then leave until the following years holiday run up. Do people forget how hard it is to lose the weight, do they not remember how long it took, how sore they were with the training? I know since returning from Thailand I’ve trained really really hard and my aches have been rather intense!!! I do not want to repeat this process all the time so it’s beyond me why so many others do it.

For many of our clients coming to train is not a hardship or a chore. It’s a part of their life, their escape, part of their social life. That’s why we always promote finding something you enjoy on your journey so it becomes second nature and not something you do for a little while and then stop. When you do make it a lifestyle do not take your results for granted, don’t stop putting the effort in and when you have a break for whatever reason be mindful to preserve what you’ve created rather than completely obliterating it.

In my old business days there was a saying that it can take months to create something and only seconds to destroy it… same goes here… appreciate the efforts taken to get you where you are, don’t take your results for granted.

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