This is the Greatest Show

A celebration of humanity…

Here’s to another off topic whirly swirly blog inspired by the movie of the year (in my opinion) “The Greatest Showman”

Ross and I watched the movie on Saturday with the kids, well… Dexter, the big fella Jake decided it wasn’t his scene, he loves Greenday don’t you know. Dexter was completely captivated by the whole thing which is ideal for me because it means I’ll get to watch it on repeat for a while!!!

Anyhoo… I had a little laugh to myself as I felt Ross was or is the greatest showman. No he doesn’t sing and dance (well… in all honesty he can bust out a move or two), but in the sense of always wanting more, always wanting better. I’m not being awful here by the way, Ross aspires to achieve more in life in the best possible way, he’s always thinking of new ways to bring RT Fitness to the next level, month after month, year after year, our prices never change but what we include within them is always getting better and better. It’s an on-going development and he never rests with it, we have brainstorms and ideas and we re-invest all in a way that will improve the experience of those who join us.

Now, when I’ve gone away and had a little think about it. We are all like the Greatest Showman here at RT Fitness. I’m not saying we’re bearded ladies or 10 foot Irish Giants, but… each of us, coaches and clients alike, have our own attributes, talents and personalities that likely wouldn’t come out in your average commercial gym. We are a family of people who wouldn’t necessarily fit in with your stringer vest, gym selfie everyday types. The people who come here do so because they don’t like your standard gym, for whatever reason in the past they’ve felt un-confident, intimidated and a little lost walking around the gym and I’m proud that no one who comes to RT ever feels this way.

During the movie, the journalist who has slated Barnum (The Greatest Showman) every step of the way, uses a line to describe the show “a celebration of humanity”, something he has felt he could never actually say within his reporting because let’s face it, a lot of people have been violently trying to shut down the show because they don’t understand or certainly don’t have an open mind to accept those who participate in it. It was at a time when racism was high and anyone who was even remotely different no matter how talented would be called “freaks” they’d be told to go home or back to where they came from…

Here at RT Fitness, we have folks from all walks of life and one of my favourite things about it is that everyone talks to everyone regardless. There is no judgement, there is always a good vibe and a good laugh. There’s no fat shaming or people eyeballing everyone to see what they’re wearing to train, there’s none of that. It seems everyone who joins us are appreciative and accepting of everyone’s individuality and circumstances, we celebrate each other in our achievements and what hurdles we overcome to get to sessions and participate fully. The single parents, the full time working couples with little kids, those who run their own businesses, those who work shift patterns and are so knackered they literally couldn’t think of anything worse than going to the gym, but they get here.

So yeah, my point is… I believe RT Fitness is a celebration of humanity… of those from all walks of life overcoming the obstacles that can so easily be put in our way day to day to become the best version of ourselves and enjoying the process of it.

S x

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