Why you don’t need a gym to be fitter, healthier and more active…

Slowly but surely we are beginning to emerge from another dark, cold and miserable winter and the nights are finally starting to get that little bit lighter and the days a tad warmer.

So, this week I ventured out on my first walk of the year.

Obviously I’ve still been walking the dogs locally but I mean actually going somewhere nice, specifically to go for a long walk.

You see, I absolutely love walking. It’s by far my favourite form of aerobic exercise. It’s low impact, you don’t really have to motivate yourself to do it as it’s so easy and it’s great for active recovery.

Which in my opinion is essential for anyone engaging regularly in heavy weight training.

It’s also great for helping you lose weight or maintain weight loss.

You see you burn roughly 100 calories per a mile walked. Which is pretty good considering you probably won’t even feel like your exercising. In fact providing your in good company it’s great fun, you can talk, laugh and generally just chill out. Something we don’t do enough as a whole.

On top of this it keeps you out of the pubs, cafe’s and restaurants you’ve probably been meeting your friends in all winter. So your burning calories, catching up with friends and keeping away from the cakes. It’s a win win situation.

On top of this it’s totally free and can be done anywhere. So there’s no excuses.

I see myself as being extremely lucky in that I live in the north east which has an abundance of beautiful countryside especially in the area where I live. In fact it actually disgusts me that so few people take advantage of this. You see, as a whole I pretty much detest the society I live in, there’s very few aspects of modern life and culture that don’t make me want to rip my hair out of my skull.

As a whole this makes me a pretty miserable person and nothing makes me feel better than going for a long walk in the middle of nowhere looking over the vast green emptiness and wonder where it all went wrong.

For me and many others waking is a therapy as well as a form of exercise. Getting out in the fresh air, away from work, phones and television will make you feel better about whatever troubles your having and will probably give you a renewed sense of clarity
Is it time for you to get out there and start making the most of the world around you?

You’ll be surprised by the overall sense of well being that comes with simply waking.


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