Is Going To The Gym Slowing Your Weight Loss?

Hang with me!

Exercise is awesome and you should definitely be doing it.

As well as potentially aiding weight loss it offers much more than that.

It will improve your health and fitness as well as mental well being and it will definitely make you look better if and when you do lose weight.

That wasn’t what I asked though was it?

The problem is somewhere along the line people got confused.

They got told to go to the gym or get a gym membership but what they weren’t told was that going to the gym won’t in itself get you results.

I remember reading a study a couple of year ago (no further details unfortunately).

It essential highlighted that people who go to the gym 3 times a week actually lost less weight than people who did not but were active day to day.

The reason for this?

It made them lazy!

Be it consciously or subconsciously they did less outside the gym because they had already don’t their workout for the day.

As I’ve mentioned before those 3 hours a week you spend in the gym don’t cancel out the other 165 hours.

If you spend 165 hours a week being lazy as fuck then 3 hours in the gym isn’t going to fix that.

This doesn’t even put into account that you might not be working that hard in the gym to start with or you might just be doing the wrong type of training.

If you’re a lazy person outside the gym then 9 times out of 10 your going to be lazy in the gym too.

Combine these two and add in the fact that’s it’s almost impossible to out exercise a bad diet and you can easily see why progress stalls.

Especially compared to the person who doesn’t train 3 hours a week but is pretty damn active the other 165.

So, what should you do about it.

Well let’s be frank here if you’re overweight to start with then chances are one of the reasons for this (besides your diet) is your not very active on a daily basis.

The simple solution here change this.

Get yourself to gym three times a week but also focus on your activity outside the gym.

Almost all phones have a step tracker now so there’s no excuse.

Aiming for 10,000 steps a day is a good start.

This doesn’t even have to be that complicated it just means taking stairs instead of the lift, walking places instead of driving or just add a 30 minute walk in on non training days just make sure your being active.

Also ensure the time you do spend at the gym is worthwhile you’ve only got an hour and if you spend half of that on your phone or messing with your hair or clothing to get a little extra rest in then you’re wasting your time, yes it’s difficult but unfortunately so are lots of things in life but being half arsed and coasting will get results that reflect that.

Hope this helps



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