Habits Keep You Going…

Being consistent in the gym isn’t about being motivated all the time and really disciplined

It’s about creating habits that you follow regardless of how you feel or what mood you are in.

The reason people get up and go to the gym in a morning or after work isn’t always because they are motivated to do so…

It’s because it’s a habit.

In the same way getting up and going to work is a habit you don’t just not go because you feel like shit.

You drag your arse out of bed and do it regardless because you’ve programmed yourself to do it.

The same applies to eating.

People who eat well or eat more protein, veggies whatever aren’t doing so because they constantly thinking about their waste line they Just habitually make better choices because it’s what they are used to doing.

If you want to get into better shape stop looking for ‘motivation’ and start building better everyday habits that will make it easy for you to reach your goals.

If it’s a constant mental battle to do these things then eventually you’ll break.

These good habits you build will take away some of the mental burden.

It’s estimated that it takes about 6 month for something to be one habit so if after a week you ain’t feeling it don’t just give up eventually things will start to feel more natural.






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