What Would Make You Happy…

Before reading the rest of the blog I want you to take a look in the Mirror. I want you to look yourself up and down and have a long hard think about what would make you happy.

Without even asking for answers I can pretty much guess the extent of most people’s conclusions. You want to lose weight… that will make you feel better.

You want a smaller nose… that will make you happy. You want bigger boobs… that will give you more confidence. You want longer looking more shapely legs… that will make you feel attractive. Almost everyone has something they think they need to change about their physical appearance to make themselves happy. Do you want to know the sad truth?

None of these things will ever make you feel any different to how you do right this minute. In fact, it would provide a much easier solution to the problem if they did.

No matter how thin you are you will always feel fat. No matter how pretty you are you will always feel ugly. No matter how confident you look you will always feel inadequate.

This is speaking from experience both my own and other peoples. No matter how perfect you might think someone is… they will feel exactly the same way as you do when they look in the mirror.

I’m going explain the reasons for this now and it’s relatively simple. If you can’t look in the mirror and love yourself exactly how you are at this moment in time you will never ever love yourself no matter what you physically change.

The problems you see when you look into the mirror are in fact not the problem at all. The problem is the eyes in which you are seeing them through. We live in a society with extremely poor mental health. The culture that has shaped us has also warped our minds in the process. As a society we find it near impossible to see the good in anything.

All we know is criticism; we critique everyone from the people we pass in the street to the most famous of celebrity’s.

There is seemingly no end to our loathing so why is it any surprise that when we look in the mirror all we see is faults and negativity. If you spend every day of your life finding a reason to put somebody else down is it any surprise you drag yourself down too.

If you really want to learn to love yourself starting now, without changing a thing… you first need to learn to love the people around you.

Rather than dragging each other down learn to rise as one.

Next time you walk past someone in the street and think a negative thought stop yourself and think of something positive to say about them.

You’ll be amazed how after a while you start to see yourself in a different light also. You might wonder why as a fitness professional I’m telling you all this.

Surely if the answer to all of your problems doesn’t lie within self improvement then I’ve got nothing to offer you.

My answer to that. If you think that exercise begins and ends with how you look then maybe this isn’t the place for you…


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