The Harsh Reality of Working Out…

The harsh reality of working out…

I hate the term working out!

It implies going through the motions. Indicates a lack of ambition and reinforces a culture of laziness.

The idea that people go to the gym to work out offends me. Turning up at the gym and staying there for an hour is not an achievement… It won’t get you results and quite frankly you’re just taking up space that could be better utilised by someone who’s there to train.

You see training is derivative of an end goal. You can’t train for nothing, if you are training you are training for something… you have purpose and drive. To get stronger, bigger, leaner… To lose weight, get fitter and be healthier.

If you have a goal you are most likely following a program. After all ‘a dream without a plan is just a wish’. If you’re not following a program guess what? You’re probably there to workout. Changing rooms are that way… Skip the shower and leave, you won’t have worked hard enough to need it.

When you go to the gym you go balls to the wall. You’re not here to fuck about. You hit your program hard and you leave. Because that’s what happens when you train hard. If you finish your session having stopped between sets for a 10 minute catch up you’re not working hard enough, simple.

Where’s the focus, how can you expect to perform and achieve if your not 100% focused on the task in hand.

Here at RT fitness every member does all of the above. Everyone follows a program be it on their own or as part of a coached group. They sweat, they swear, they hurt. People feel like quitting but they don’t… they don’t complain and most importantly they get results.

They get results because they work their arses off to get them.

Is it time you stopped working out and started training?


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