Haters Gonna Hate…

Do you ever wonder why you’re friend seems to love the whole fitness and nutrition thing & you absolutely hate it?

Why she seems to be really consistent and you can’t last past one weekend without giving up?

Why she seems to see great results and you don’t, even though she’s eating none stop at her desk and only training a few times a week?

I’m going to enlighten you a little…

It’s human nature to avoid suffering, of course it is, we just don’t like it… who and what does like to suffer?

We will instinctively avoid pain and suffering, its just how were made and why our bodies engage in fight or flight mode…

Many people view training and nutrition as suffering, it has been bestowed upon our mentality by society and the media that to get results you’ve got to go full beast mode and practically starve yourself… this is quite simply a load of bollox!

But still… it explains why so many people disengage from any type of fitness journey either before they’ve even started or shortly thereafter…

So… the reason your friend is so happy whilst seeing results is simple… She is capable of being regularly happy whilst losing weight.

Before I go any further, I’m not for a second saying you should enjoy every second of your fat loss / weight loss journey that’s just not going to happen, you’ll get aches and pains and adapting your nutrition can be frustrating if you’re used to days of chocolate, crisps and pizza…

BUT I am saying if you can’t be regularly happy whilst cutting calories & increasing your activity levels you will not last past 4 weeks….

So your friend… in other words is happy with her approach… it works without her suffering hence the consistency… why stop when she’s happy?

You on the other hand, you feel like dieting and training is the end of the world.

Because for you it is miserable…

Because the approach you’re on is one of deprivation, the all or nothing approach, the one where you believe you need to deprive yourself of everything you enjoy In order to lose a few pounds.

The fact is… that’s just not true.

You’re suffering throughout even when you don’t realise it, hence the two weeks “clean” blitz followed by the 4 week layoff, you get sick of it easily because you’re depriving yourself of all the things you enjoy.

Nice food you enjoy.

Nights out with friends.


Family events.

And the list goes on.

You flit from one thing to the next looking for a miracle…

So… some food for thought…

Play the long game, no magic pill, no super secret tips just find something you can do that keeps you happy whilst seeing changes… something you can get stuck into week in and week out… something which doesn’t turn you into a salad eating house hermit… its the only way you’ll last… it’s therefore the only way you’ll get results and maintain them…

S x

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