Holiday Training…

Holiday training do’s and don’ts.

Going on holiday can be a conflicting time for those of us who train for with this in mind here’s 4! do’s and 4 don’ts for training on holiday.


1. Don’t diet. Even if you have been making great progress use your little break as a time to relax. Enjoy and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to keep going when you come back.

2. Don’t try to continue training as hard as you do at home. Just like your brain needs a break from dieting your body needs a break from the rigours of training.

3. Don’t beat yourself up for gaining a few pounds. Of course you will, you’ll also lose it as soon as you get back to normal

4. Don’t use it as an excuse to go off the rails. Enjoy your time off but that’s it. Once you are home you get straight back to normal.


1. Do stay active. There’s no need to be hitting the gym just make sure you are getting plenty walking, swimming and activity in. Should be really easy this one especially on holiday.

2. Do enjoy everything in moderation. Remember the goal is to give yourself a break from the regime not sabotage yourself completely.

3. Do use the free time to plan out your training, goals and strategy for when you get back.

4. Do enjoy yourself. You work hard and train all year. If you take away the 2 weeks your on holiday this leaves 50 weeks of the year to keep grinding away in the gym and with your diet. One to two weeks off enjoying yourself isn’t going to undo that.

Dan “the man with no holiday training plan” Breen

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