Holiday Workout…

Today I’m going to talk about holidays.

This is especially appropriate because by the time you’re reading this I’ll be lying by the the pool baking in the mid day sun.

Holidays can be a tricky subject for the health and fitness conscious among us and for good reason.

They are normally full of alcohol, rich and moreish food and lacking in structure and exercise.

This is enough to cause people to panic, especially if those who have been on a long journey to get healthier or lose weight.

The fear of slipping back into old habits and undoing all the good work makes you anxious.

Firstly, this is perfectly normal.

Secondly, chill the fuck out!

One week isn’t going to undo anything, at worst you’ll gain a few extra lb’s of water weight.

The way I see it is, I train all year round so I can enjoy these rare breaks from life. If you aren’t capable of doing that then it’s all a bit of a waste isn’t it.

I can only speak for myself here but I know it applies to many of you reading this.

I haven’t missed a training session (that I can think of) since January.

That means I’ve trained and ate right for roughly 20 weeks, once I’m back off my holidays I’ll train and eat right for another 20 weeks before I jet off on another holiday.

After that I’ll be training and eating right for another 8 weeks before Christmas.

If you really think that enjoying yourself and letting loose for roughly 4 weeks out of 52 is going to stop you progressing then your insane.

Stop stressing about what you do on holiday and start worrying about what you do the rest of the time.

If you can do that and be consistent 80% of the time the other 20% won’t make any difference. In fact, It’ll probably help you progress by re-charging your battery’s.

So, enjoy your holidays, eat and drink what you want and when you get back get straight back to doing what you did previously and you’ll be sweet.

Final top tip! Don’t weigh yourself as soon as you get off the plane.

Of course you’ll be heavier.

Give it a week of eating and drinking as normal and then do it.

That way you can avoid all the unnecessary drama.


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