Be Honest…

Be honest! Do you enjoy your current training regime?

I love training, sure I have days when I don’t feel as motivated but that doesn’t change the fact that I train because it’s literally one of my favourite things to do.

I don’t do it because I feel like I have too, I don’t feel guilty if I don’t do it and I certainly don’t do it because I feel like it gives me a free pass to eat and drink whatever I want when I want.

It’s literally a hobby. If I have some spare time and could do anything I wanted to do going to the gym would be right up there with my first choices.

Lifting heavy weights is just something I really enjoy doing, I’ve had an affinity to it from the moment I first stepped foot in a gym.

Now; how much easier do you think it makes staying in shape when you genuinely enjoy your training?

I don’t even have to think about training I just do it, its part of my life, it’s enjoyable.

That only leaves me with nutrition to worry about which makes that easier than if I was stressing about training as well.

So back to the original question.

Do you enjoy your training?

If you don’t and you intend to stick at this fitness stuff long term than perhaps you need to reconsider the path your taking.

I’m going to put it out there now it doesn’t really matter how you choose to be more active.

Sure for specific goals specific training is required however the majority of people just need to move more.

Obviously I cited lifting weights above simply because that’s what I do but it can literally be anything.

It could be a sport, it could cycling, swimming, running. You might even enjoy going to the gym and slogging away on that treadmill (come on there must be someone out there who actually enjoys doing this).

The point is it really doesn’t matter even your going for a couple of walks a day is going to help.

The thing that actually matters is finding something, anything you enjoy doing.

If you can find something that you really really enjoy doing you’ll stick at it, simple.

As long as you do something to increase activity for a sustained period of time your going to make progress.

Even if the thing you enjoy is relatively low impact your going to make more progress doing it long term than you would doing something you hate for a week and giving up.

So try to find a form of exercise you enjoy and roll with it. You don’t have to join a gym to get awesome results. You just need to find something you can stick too.


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