The Importance of Being Coached…

The importance of being coached.

Having a good coach is one of the most important aspects of any successful training regime.

I can’t think of anyone from your average gym rat to an elite athlete who wouldn’t benefit from being coached.

Even coaches need coached sometimes.

Why is this so important?

Well firstly were all human and because of that we’re prone to certain behaviours.

One of which is the avoidance of things we don’t like.

If you really don’t enjoy an exercise or style of training your always going to struggle to motivate yourself to do it and if you’re in full control of you own training then you chances are you just won’t do it.

Even if you knew it will improve you.

That’s were a coach comes in. If sow one is doing your programming and coaching your training session you have to do it. You don’t have an option.

This is one of the reasons that people progress quickly when they start getting coached because all of the weaknesses they have created by avoiding certain exercises then get addressed and make you perform better overall.

You might be sitting there thinking ‘not me, I don’t avoid anything’ well I simply don’t believe you.


We tend to slack off a little when left to our own devices.

Rest times get longer, reps get missed and intensity drops.

When your tired and feel like you have nothing left it’s easy to give up thinking you’ve given all you’ve got.

However, this again isn’t an option when you are being coached.

It doesn’t matter how tired you get your coach is always fresh and on the ball ready to make you do that last set or push yourself that extra 10% that you simply wouldn’t do if you were by yourself.

Its that extra 10% that will make all the difference in your results.


Accountability. When you are being coached you have to be at the gym at a specific time and if your not you better have a good excuse.

This is in stark contrast to being a normal gym member.

If you’ve have a shit day and can’t be bothered to train the only person that knows about it is you.

The big commercial gym staff won’t miss you but a coach will.

If you are getting coached and have an appointment you will probably attend 50% more than you would on your own because it’s not just yourself your letting down your accountable to somebody else.

This means more consistency which obviously leads to better results.

Here at RT Fitness we offer various types of coaching.

These range from large group training to small group training and finally our one to one packages.

Which of these options is right for you depends on many reasons.

Some physical, some phycological but whatever your needs there is always a coaching option that will meet them and help you push yourself to finally achieving your goals.

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Dan “a coach who has a coach” Breen

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