The Importance of Training With Your Brains and Not Your Balls

So as some of you may or may not know I was missing in action pretty much all of last week. I’m also guessing everyone missed me very very much… but that’s besides the point. The observant amongst you will have also noticed that I am in fact a man. I’ll get to why these two things are linked in a moment but first a bit of background…

Roughly two months ago I had a car crash. It wasn’t too serious but it resulted in me injuring my back. As a result of which I haven’t trained since. I have however been seeing a very good osteopath weekly. I’ve also been swimming regularly as well as going to the sauna to aid recovery. For once I was being sensible and looking after myself. This continued for 6 weeks until I was given consent to resume ‘light’ training.

So last Monday I entered the gym with a buzz that I hadn’t had for the duration of my time off. Motivation was high and after downing a pre-workout so was I… I began squatting with just the bar and it felt good, I actually felt more comfortable than I had previously felt prior to my injury. It was at this point that I remembered I was in fact a man. So 60kg went on the bar and I did another 10 comfortable reps and then had to check I had actually put the weights on the bar; it felt that light!!! So it was at this point in time that a combination of excitement, testosterone and pre-workout caused me to remember I was also indestructible… So 80kg went on the bar and again I hit 10 reps and again I had to check if I had actually loaded the bar, this was too easy… I decided I would do one more set on 80kg before hitting 100 for 10… “How awesome am I, two months of no training and here I am about to rep more than most men’s 1 rep max for sets of 10… like a boss”. So I quickly got under the bar ready to do my final set with the 80kg before upping it. The first 5 reps felt great then boom… I got a twinge in my back… I re-racked the weight and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours and subsequently the rest of the week lying on my back in agony. So it turns out I’m not actually awesome and indestructible, I am In fact a very silly boy… A valuable lesson learnt…

And this is why it’s so important for you all to take it easy following any injury’s. Learn from my mistake and don’t end up falling into the same trap.

Dan aka “Captain Carnage”

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