Come Inside…

Why there’s so much more to a gym than what you can see from the outside.

Finding the right gym for you is something most people will never find.

That’s why they never get the results they want; they rattle around from gym to gym following suit every time something new and shiny pops up.

Firstly being a member of a gym counts for shit if you don’t go.

Secondly if you don’t go most gyms don’t give a fuck; let me ask you when was the last time someone from your gym contacted you to ask where you’re at and if everything is ok.

This doesn’t count if it’s followed with ‘your membership is due for renewal’

The next thing everyone gets wrong is they’ll all go running off to the biggest, newest gym going with all the fancy equipment.

That’s wonderful we all like to be in a nice environment; it makes us feel better.

One thing it doesn’t do though is make you look better, these environments don’t promote hard work and that’s the only thing that’s going to cause a change in your body.

A perfectly pretty environment for perfectly pretty people who’s main perogative in the gym is to look good rather than train hard.

They’ll also take great pleasure in pointing out any floors in you to massage their own ego.

I wouldn’t enjoy being on that environment and neither would the majority of the hundreds of people I’ve coached over the last few years.

That uncomfortableness and feeling like they don’t belong is what causes them to stop.

It’s a poisonous environment that panders to the minority and it leads to the majority stopping going.

Here’s a secret!

The gym you go to consistently will always get better results than the fancy gym you don’t go too.

The next thing is the sheer amount of members needed to keep these gyms afloat.

They rely on their members not turning up after a couple of weeks. If all their members ever did fit in they wouldn’t get through the door; their entire business model is built around your failure.

We’re a small gym and that’s why so many of our members stick it out for years on end.

I can honestly say that not only do we know the name of every client we have we normally know about their family, their occupation; pretty much everything you could know about a person.

It’s a family, a group of genuine friends who all care about each other and push each other collectively to their respective goals.

This is the environment that gets results.

If you struggle to drag yourself to a gym you hate consider the reality of a gym that you not only want to go to but that you go to early to socialise and have a coffee before you train.

A gym shouldn’t be somewhere you hate dragging yourself too or should be a social place that the highlight of your day.

If you’ve never managed to find ‘the right gym for you’ then consider all of the above before you consider signing up for the next fancy new gym that you’ll never go too.


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