Why Do It??

Why you should exercise…

People think exercise will make them lose weight. This might be true in part but that shouldn’t be the reason why you do it.

The reason you gain or lose weight is down to energy balance. I.e. Burning more calories than you consume. 

In this respect exercise is a pretty crap way to make a calories deficit.

An hour of exercise really doesn’t burn that many calories especially when you consider how easy it is to eat the same amount of calories.

This means that If you think adding a little exercise into your weekly schedule is going to cause you to drop the pounds you will be disappointed.

The best way to create a calorie deficit is to control your eating and by being a lot more active on a day to day basis.

This is a far more effective strategy.

So, back to point one. Why should you exercise?

Firstly; resistance training will build muscle and make you stronger. This means when you do lose fat using the above approach you’ll look much better.

Secondly; cardio is great for improving your health and overall fitness. You can look good but not be particularly healthy.

Thirdly; it makes you feel good. When you exercise you generally feel better. It releases endorphins as well as getting rid of the cobwebs from sitting around all day at work.

Finally; it’s really good for your mind, the focus, the feeling of success and achievement, the social side of it. Meeting new people, supporting each other.

There’s many many reasons you should be exercising but exercise alone will not solve all of your problems.







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