January is Over…

January is over and what does that mean for your health and fitness?

If January is the time of year when everyone decides they want to make a positive change to their lives then February is the time when they forget all about it.

The thing is it’s been 4 weeks since most of you would have started your fitness kick. In that time most of you won’t have gotten much closer to your end goal, not because you haven’t put the work in; but because it’s only been 4 weeks. It’s simply not enough time to achieve anything.

However if you haven’t achieved your goal yet why are you considering stopping? If it was important enough for you to want to change in the first place then surely it’s important enough to carry on until you do achieve your goals.

Nobody said it would be easy and that’s why we always say it’s important to be conservative and find something you can stick too long term because short term simply isn’t enough time to get results.

The fact that so many people seem to let their goals and ambitions dissipate after only a month of trying is really sad because it throws away all the hard hard work they’ve already put into it. The truth is though if you just carry on as you are even with ups and downs you’ll continue to make progress. It won’t necessarily be quick progress but nobody said it would be but by the time next January roles around you’ll be a lot closer to your goals than you would be if you just quit like you have every other year.

Don’t let yourself be the stereotype this year.

Just because January is over don’t allow yourself to fall back into old habits. Build on what you have already achieved, motivate yourself, set goals. Find something worth working towards and don’t let yourself get distracted from what you really want. If you do you’ll only end up starting from scratch again




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