Why You Shouldn’t Join A Gym…

Joining a gym is probably top of your list right now

But I can guarantee right now that it won’t last

Yes I know you have the very best intentions to stick it out but….

> You will not have any guidance and pretty much be doing the wrong things

> There will be no one there to help you with nutrition (or charge you a premium for a copy which they give to everyone)

> You won’t have a coach to hold you accountable for turning up or help you step by step all the way

> You’ll be locked into a contract which you’ll hardly use

> You’ll be waiting around to use a machine when you should of been training

> No guaranteed results as its all down to you

> Training on your own sucks

Many moons ago just like you I joined the health and racquet club thinking I knew best, signed up for a year at £60 per month and was consistent for 4 week bursts at a time….4 weeks on 4 weeks off etc

So really I was paying £120 per month

I didn’t have a clue what to do my ego was to big to ask any one

I literally did the same routine over and over or if I seen someone doing something id just copy them not knowing which muscle groups i was hitting

I didn’t even know what protein was never mind dieting

Then because it had a sauna and jacuzzi I thought I must use them

Come the days when I had no motivation I just jumped in these to get my sweat on

I must of looked like a right tit doing some of the exercises but all the PTs in there never once come over to tell me how it should be done

Why??? well if they weren’t chatting up the blonde with big tits they where to busy checking themselves out in the mirror

The main staff there could not give a shit if I didn’t turn up…as long as my direct debit was coming in they were happy

And with no knowledge or guidance I got 0 results

So if your thinking about joining a “gym” then don’t

But if you’d like us to solve all the problems which we have with “gyms” don’t hesitate to get in touch


Ross “I know what I’m doing now” Thompson

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