Look To Your Left…

People often assume that in my role as a coach I should serve to inspire my clients. However I disagree with this statement wholeheartedly.

My life is easy, I’m 21, I still live at home, I’m a full time student, I don’t have a family to look after and I spend roughly 40+ hours a week in a gym. I also drive and have my own car, again easy life.

That gives me roughly 0 excuses not to train and very little left for normal people to relate too.

However, my clients on the other hand, now they have it tough!
Most of them work full time jobs, many shifts. They have families to look after, houses to maintain, illnesses and injuries to overcome. You know actual real life stresses to deal with not just bullshit like a looming uni deadline.

Despite all of this they still get their arses in the gym and smash it. I lose my mind if I have to do my own washing or cook myself a meal never mind dealing with half the shit these people put up with. Yet despite all this sometimes I don’t feel like training and I struggle to get my head in the game. How the fuck do these people do it.

This is why you shouldn’t look at me for inspiration. If you want inspiration you should look at the people beside you. Your not like me, but you are like them. Every single one of them, just like you has a crazy amount of shit going on In their lives and they are still here despite all that, they should be your inspiration not a coach you have nothing in common with.

So, listen to me, come to me for advise, ask me questions and respect my knowledge and suggestions but please don’t use me as inspiration. I might be at the front of the class but that’s only because I’ve had less hurdles to jump on the way. If you want to see some really inspirational people just look around, your surrounded by them.


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