Would I Lie To You?

 Would you rather I lied to you?

We keep things really simple when it comes to nutrition. We won’t try to sell you any bullshit diet or supplement regime and claim it’ll ‘burn fat’ or call anything super food.

We won’t demonise any particular macronutrient and we won’t tell you which food you can’t eat. 

This is because none of these things are making you fat or helping you lose weight. It ultimately is calories that determine this and although there’s a million different strategies and approaches to create a calorie deficit, that’s the real reason you lose weight not the way you achieve it.

I wish there was a secret formula or easy answer. If there was actually a shake that you could drink and magically lose weight then do you not think it would be in my interest to sell you it?

I’d make an absolute fortune, I’d get amazing results and I’d double the business I get.

Think about it if I for one minute. If this stuff worked why aren’t we all selling it?

The answer…… CREDIBILITY!

I’d rather not make the extra money if it means profiting from lies and deceit. It might not be the best business approach but I’d rather make an honest living. The fact that so many people in this industry still peddle this bullshit tells you their choice.

That doesn’t answer my first question though. Would you rather I just lied to you?

People always seem disappointed when I can’t provide them with a wacky quick fix that I know is either unrealistic or doesn’t work.

Often they’ll just ignore what you’ve said and go looking for something else. They might find it… they may not, but one thing that will happen will be the inevitable disappointment in the results.

This is my dilemma. Do you continue to tell people a truth they refuse to listen to or believe or do you sell them what they really want safe in the knowledge that it doesn’t actually work.

Either way the client will be left with the same result.


So, would you rather I lied to you?






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