I love Pokemon go…

So I’ve been refraining from writing about the new craze “Pokemon go”

It’s a game app on smart phones which is integrated with google maps

I can honestly say….I’ve been playing it

When I was younger Pokemon was everywhere, I collected the cards and played it on my game boy…so it was a no brainier when it came out to give it a go

By the way this isn’t just some fad, within the 1st week of Pokemon being released there was more people had this than there is on Twitter

Yes you may think it’s for kids and that grown ups should be using their time on better things…but

It’s actually helping us get out the house more

Is it addictive…hell yeah

Me and Sarah decided to spend our bank holiday Monday playing Pokemon

We actually clocked up a 5 mile walk going around Durham and it wasn’t all unsociable time spent together we did hit a few coffee shops on the way round and turned off the app…we sat in the sun up at the cathedral and made the most of the day

It’s great for the kids too

They actually want to be out of the house playing

Look I know having the kids stuck in front of an iPad isn’t healthy and having them attached to a device outside isn’t ideal… but just them wanting to be out of the house is awesome!

Us oldies will bitch and moan about the kids having all this technology in front of them 24/7, saying “when I was young I was out playing from morning to night”

Well here is a piece of technology which will do just that

Problem solved

So I’m saying this with the best intentions and by us testing it out

You, your partner and the kids should defo download this and get your self out the house while the weather is good and get hunting

Ross “gotta catch em all” Thompson

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