Training Partners…

We’ve often spoke about the importance of training partners and how having the right training partner can massively affect your progress in the gym.

The problem is good training partners are hard to find and even if you do find one your relying on one person and if they don’t turn up your session if going to be affected.

So, what’s the answer. In my opinion the single best way for anyone to train is in a group of like minded people, with similar goals and levels.

This style of training has been used for years in some of the best known gyms in the world and whilst the average gym going might not be able to take much from the hardcore powerlifters and strongmen of this world this is certainly something you can take on board.

Firstly you get the benefit of a coach. Even if your an experienced lifter having someone there to do your programming, set your weights, hold back your ego and critique your technique is invaluable and without that external influence your always going to be fighting a losing battle.

The problem is good coaches aren’t cheap and if your paying for 1 to 1 sessions your looking at £30+ an hour which is a massive outlay especially if your going to be training 4 times a week. With group training your going to significantly reduce this because the cost is dispersed throughout the group.

However, that isn’t my number one reason for recommending group training. Sure, we all like to save money but that sounds like your getting a lesser experience. I disagree. In my opinion the group environment only enhances the training experience.

The atmosphere is different to anything your ever going to find in a commercial gym. There’s an intesiry that comes with training in a group. You’ve got a group of lads all in one place ready to smash some heavy weights so the testosterone is through the roof.

Everyone is there to push each other on. Nobody cares who’s lifting what or what you look like. People are there for one reason and one reason only and that’s to train hard.

Don’t think that being in a group is going to mean you end up doing a watered down one size fits all programme either. Everyone will be lifting the weight that’s right for them, if your limited and can’t do certain exercises you won’t be asked too. Yes your in a group but you’ll be following your programme nobody else’s.

Back to the original point about training partners. You’ve now got 10, good training partners. It doesn’t matter if one doesn’t turn up your still going to get the same workout. If your having a bad day and you really can’t be bothered there’ll always be someone who’s hyped up and ready to train and they’ll bring you to there level.

You’ll do the same for them when they aren’t feeling it.

You’ll become part of a community and make good friends inside and outside the gym. You’ll have a good laugh, the crack is always fierce but most importantly you’ll train harder than you’ve ever trained before, you’ll be pushed to your limits and beyond and I’ll guarantee you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

If you think you train hard now you don’t know the half of it. Next time your slogging away in the gym by yourself, half arsed because you don’t feel it that day. Just imagine training in the environment I’ve described above. It’s a game changer, honest.

Dan “Pack Leader” Breen

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