Is it time for a detox?

NO! It certainly isn’t and I’m going to tell you exactly why.

Even in an industry as full of shit as ours this one has gone too far. I’m seeing people being lied to and scammed left right and centre and I’ve had enough!

Let’s be straight here, detoxification is a legitimate medical procedure used mainly in the treatment of people with life threatening drug addictions.

You know things like a heroin overdoses. Not for the treatment of last nights kebab. Think about that for a moment.

Any other form of ‘detox’ be it shakes, tablets or any other pseudo-medical bullshit is an absolute scam and a total waste of your money.

If it was possible for ‘toxins’ to build up in your body and you were in fact unable to excrete them you’d likely be in need of serious medical treatment or dead. Not reaching for the latest juice life shake.

An interesting question to ask anyone selling these products is exactly what toxins is it supposedly removing from the body. I’ll give you a clue; they don’t know because they don’t exist.

As long as your a healthy and complete person your body comes handily equipped with kidneys, a liver, skin and even lungs that are already responsible for all your ‘detoxing’ needs.

So, unless your missing some vital organs please use your brain; unless your missing that as well and save your money.

If you’ve had a bad weekend or a few bad weeks by all mean try to get your diet back in check but you definitely don’t need to detox.

Your body will take care of that itself and don’t let any benefit street style entrepreneur tell you otherwise.

If you want to get healthy start by saving the money you planned to spend on ‘detox’ products and use it to pay for a gym membership and better food.

Dan “screw you detox” Breen

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